My blog posts

Here you will find my ramblings, about random topics that I felt like writing about.
Either because I wanted to think about it (writing fuels my creative juices), vent about it, or found it at least interesting enough to share with who might care.


Domain driven design (DDD) blog in Typescript with Adonis

Developing this website using Domain Driven Design, Hexagonal Architecture (ports and adapters) in Typescript using Adonis.js


Freelance website: redesigning and moving from Wordpress in a month

Front-end freelance project: applying a redesign to Ibiza Projects into the Jamstack



What should a CTO (and the engineering team at that) do in a startup?

The most important things a CTO of a startup has to do. The questions they should be asking. And what is the one thing that can never be forgotten, adding value to the customer.